Rebecca Wright '93

International Human Rights Lawyer and UK Criminal Barrister

Rebecca was at Queen’s from 1986 to 1993.  After Queen's, Rebecca’s passion for literature took her to Oxford where she completed a BA, MSt and DPhil, followed by a JD at Berkeley and Harvard Law Schools and the BPTC at Nottingham. She then embarked on a career as Head of Accountability and Transitional Justice at Lawyers for Justice in Libya, as an international human rights lawyer and a UK criminal barrister. She has also set up the Schools Consent Project.

In 2007 Rebecca received a Henigson Human Rights Fellowship from Harvard Law School and worked as a human rights lawyer in Egypt, where she established a strategic litigation programme targeting the whole of North Africa. She litigated principally before the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights. She has travelled extensively during her career, living and working in Lebanon, Afghanistan, Qatar, Syria and the United States and is currently settled in North Wales.

She spoke warmly about her schooldays when she addressed our annual Prize Giving ceremony in 2018. In the Cathedral she spoke about her own role models, how failure is a necessary part of life and about the importance of self-belief and standing your ground.