Dr Sarah Bransby MRCVS

Dr Sarah Bransby MRCVS believes Queen’s gave her the confidence to excel in higher education. 

During her visit back to The Queen’s School in October 2015, Dr Sarah Bransby MRCVS reminded us that we sometimes don’t fully appreciate the opportunities we have been presented with at Queen’s until after we leave.

Sarah values highly the careers support she got here and realises the importance of being given the freedom as a girl to choose her academic course of study. She also relishes the fact that we’re made to feel safe enough to step out of our comfort zone.

At Queen’s Sarah did A-levels in maths, chemistry, biology and psychology, and declares teacher Dr Russell an inspiration and a great help in making her choose to study veterinary science at Bristol University.

Interestingly, veterinary science at university appears to be approximately 80/20 female-dominated, but Sarah dismisses the idea that being educated in an all-girls’ environment parries with this. In fact, she cites the confidence that her Queen’s education gave her as the reason she did so well at university.

To achieve the letters BSc. Hons, BVSc, MRCVS after her name, Sarah completed an extra year in the middle of her course to gain two degrees. She is now entitled to use the courtesy title ‘Doctor.’

Following graduation, Sarah secured a job in a six-vet mixed practice in Lincolnshire. Knowing that new graduate veterinary jobs are very competitive she was pleased to go where the job was, happily adapting her social life to a brand new area.

She now works in the small animal hospital of Pride Veterinary Centre, a large practice in Derby. Animal surgery is her expertise area and making a difference to animals and owners is clearly her passion. We were delighted to welcome Sarah back to Queen’s to share her knowledge and passion with current girls and look forward to her keeping in touch.