Enquiry and Research-Based Learning

As an independent school, our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum, but is much broader and goes well beyond statutory requirements. Our pupils are encouraged to take an active part in their lessons, express opinions, ask questions and develop a positive attitude towards learning.

Our curriculum makes learning more engaging, with plenty of opportunities for enrichment and independent enquiry. Pupils are involved with the questions which underpin the half term or termly unit of study. This way, greater pupil engagement is ignited from the outset, challenging pupils to ‘go the extra mile’ in terms of their research and genuine interest in a topic. 

In addition to substantial curriculum time dedicated to English and maths, which underpins everything the pupils do, time is allocated to acquire historical and geographical knowledge, to learn scientific investigative skills and to experience a range of activities which demonstrate the skills which underpin the areas of Art, Design and Technology. We encourage opportunities to explore, question and reflect, and promote life skills such as resilience, teamwork and leadership. 

This approach requires deep thinking and has been described as the “curriculum for intelligent schools”. Our experience has shown us so far that pupils look forward to embracing new and exciting questions each term and continue to set high standards for themselves to be the best they can be. 

Absolutely excellent and balanced across the curriculum in terms of interests. A good balance between play and learning.
Lower School Parent

Adventurous Learning

For children to really thrive at school it is vital that they learn in an environment which encourages adventure; presenting new challenges as positive opportunities and supporting them with kindness to overcome any obstacles.

At Queen’s we do exactly this. A strong nurturing ethos underpins a challenging, adventurous curriculum which has the girls fizzing with excitement long after they have arrived home from school.

Whether it is using a planetarium to learn about the solar system, investigating weights and measures in the mud kitchen, using coding to design computer games, or parachuting eggs from the  balcony to demonstrate forces, our teaching staff will always look to find the most memorable and exciting way of developing knowledge and understanding in pupils.

This is made easier thanks to the fantastic outdoor learning facilities. They include an outdoor classroom, gazebo, several staging areas and climbing equipment, a forest school area including den-building facilities, a mud kitchen, role play area and a soft-surface all-weather learning zone for Reception pupils.

The school’s spirit of adventure really comes alive on school trips when pupils sleep out under the stars, learn how to gut a fish and cook their dinner on a campfire. They jump fully dressed into glacial water with their teachers, kayak across lakes, gorge walk, mountain climb and sleep for what seems like days on their return!

These are memories that will last them a lifetime and help to turn them into strong, confident, resilient girls who take challenges in their stride and deal with difficulties in a cool and calm manner.