Benefits of a girls' school

Freedom from stereotypes

One of the most important things you can give your daughter is self-confidence and self-belief – qualities that girls’ schools deliver in abundance. Girls’ schools minimise stereotyped, gender-weighted expectations. There is no such thing as a girl’s subject or a boy’s subject, and girls are free to follow their inclinations with little of the pressure they might otherwise feel.

The facts speak for themselves. Independent research by the Institute of Physics, for example, found that girls who attend independent girls’ schools are significantly more likely to study physics to A-level than girls in any other type of UK school, including independent co-ed schools. At Queen’s more than 50% of girls take a science at A-level, and alongside the doctors, vets and dentists which we have produced historically, we are seeing an increasing number of girls going on to study typically male-dominated subjects at university, such as computer science, physics, astronomy, maths and engineering.

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