Reunions and Events

We think there are probably two main parts to your affiliation with the school – your memories of its physical aspects and the relationships you formed while you were here. So while we would love you to come back and visit, maybe at the Annual Reunion on the last Saturday of the Summer Term, or attend the Christmas Carol Service in the Cathedral; we would also like you to use the Alumni Office to maintain and pick up old friendships.

To read about previous reunions, events or alumni news click here.

Please find our Annual alumni calendar of events below. Click on the link to find out more information and to register online.

Alternatively you can contact the alumni office on or phone 01244 312078

Event Title



Commemoration 2pm Friday 3 May 2019
The Annual Summer Reunion 12 noon Saturday 6 July 2019
Celebrating the life of Miss Elinor Edwards 3pm Saturday 6 July 2019
The Michaelmas Supper 7pm Friday 13 September 2019
The Cathedral Carol Service  10.45am Friday 13 December 2019