Helen Murphy

Helen Murphy left Queen's in 2013 and is now celebrating the completion of her final part of training at Oxford Aviation Academy.

Helen Murphy left Queen's in 2013 and is now celebrating securing a job with Easyjet following the completion of her pilot training at Oxford Aviation Academy. 

Helen, who will be based in Gatwick, said: "I will be starting my base training with Easyjet on 4th July 2016 and after successful completion of all the training I will be flying passengers middle of July! It is a dream come true, there are hundreds of pilots all fighting for jobs that open up and I'm lucky enough to have one now.

"The last part of my training was really fun, I was asked to do the Multi-Crew training with a British Airways cadet as they were low on partners and so I had the opportunity to learn the BA standard operating procedures. The BA cadets also have a test at the end and my partner and I passed, we had a fuel pump failure in the first simulator session and a hydraulic failure in the second."