Introducing Q-Elevate - New for September 2024

Queen’s Sixth Form introduces a university-style learning experience and environment that enables sixth formers to take part in lots of different activities alongside A-level work.

When students join The Queen’s School Sixth Form, their path to A-level brilliance is marked by mentorship, empowerment, and the unwavering support needed to excel. Sixth Form is the start of an exhilarating chapter of academic and personal growth. We don’t just prepare students for A-levels; we empower them to become confident, critical thinkers armed with academic excellence, integrity, and a global perspective, so they are poised to excel in their chosen field.

New for 2024, we are excited to launch Q-Elevate, a programme exclusively tailored for our Sixth Form students. Q-Elevate is an academic enrichment and bespoke future skills program carefully curated to ensure that our students are prepared to meet challenges and lead confidently in the future.

The programme encompasses four areas of focus: Q-Lead, Q-Global, Q-Enrich, and Q-Scholar; each will contribute to your holistic development as a “world-ready” young adult.

With Q-Elevate, you will embark on a transformative journey, leaving our Sixth Form equipped with the aptitude, expertise, and values to achieve your aspirations. Designed to address recent changes in the selection criteria used by universities, Q-Elevate goes beyond academics to help you stand out from the crowd, preparing you now for the challenges ahead. Ultimately, Q-Elevate is about giving you an advantage and helping you future-proof yourself through a comprehensive programme of tailored life and business skills.

Alongside studying 3-4 A-levels, you will be able to tailor your own Sixth Form experience to best prepare you for the future you wish to forge. You will select a range of Q-Elevate modules, all of which focus on adding breadth to your repertoire to complement the depth of your academic studies. Supported by a Personal Tutor, you will build your own unique Progression Portfolio to demonstrate the courses completed and skills gained throughout your time at Sixth Form.

Q-Elevate Programme