Queen’s Sixth Form provides the crucial knowledge, skills, support and expertise that students will need when applying for challenging courses at top universities. Our size, coupled with inspirational teaching and the uniquely nurturing atmosphere that exists in the school, mean that we consistently enable the vast majority of our pupils to obtain places at their first choice of university.

Support for Oxford and Cambridge, Medicine and other Competitive Applications

The sixth form team offers dedicated support to girls who want to study at Oxford or Cambridge or pursue a career in Medicine, Veterinary Science or Dentistry.  Preparation for this begins in the first term of Year 12 and continues through to the final stage of the application process, when girls will attend interviews at their chosen institution.

Applicants are supported through:

  • Individual advice on how to build a wide-ranging academic profile that goes well beyond the A level subjects being taken.
  • A regular weekly discussion forum where girls have the chance to present to their peers on an academic topic and take questions from staff and other members of the group.
  • Preparing students for university interviews. Expert advice on how to impress is given during tailor - made sessions. A specific focus is given on the special style of Oxford and Cambridge interviews as well as the different interviewing techniques used for Medicine and other competitive courses.
  • Mock interviews by specialists in their field including parents and alumnae, to make them as realistic and relevant for the specific student involved.
  • After school MMI session (Multiple Mini Interview) to prepare vets and medics for this very particular interview type, where the pupils move between up to seven stations staffed by senior staff, performing tasks and role play.


A sixth form curriculum designed with university entry in mind

All students will now take the Queen’s Baccalaureate which we have developed in response to the recent changes to A-levels and advice from universities.

In addition to three good grades, universities are increasingly looking for students with deeper knowledge in their chosen area, proven research experience and softer skills such as communication and teamwork skills. This is exactly what our Baccalaureate provides.

Alongside A-levels or the Pre-U examination in Art, girls will study the Extended Project Qualification (a large research project assessed at A2 level), critical thinking, interview and study skills units and two online courses relating to their chosen subjects. It is a taster for study at university and an opportunity for students to explore their passion or something that intrigues them. They will also learn HSK IV Mandarin for two hours a week and take part in the formalised QUEST enrichment programme which will include activities to develop girls’ leadership, teamwork and resilience.

Our sixth form curriculum is forward-thinking, academic and targets students’ efforts towards activities which are not only rated highly by universities and employers, but also important for them in later life.


Support with Personal Statements

It is important that your personal statement shows you in the best possible light. Our teachers will ensure you are writing it to highlight what universities want to see. This will be helped by the bespoke input for your Queen’s Baccalaureate but also your extracurricular options, clubs and outside interests and hobbies. Our teachers will take the time to get to know you in a 360 degree sense; universities do not want one dimensional applicants.


Developing softer skills

Through our Sixth Form studies and small group teaching of subjects, students gain the skills needed to present themselves in the best possible way. We encourage and organise opportunities for public speaking, debating and presenting for all students in Sixth Form through assemblies, the Holdich Society, extracurricular clubs, debating competitions and opportunities like the Model United Nation Conference.


Alumnae Careers Programme

Our unique alumnae career programme provides students with bespoke mentoring and support from our former pupils who have been successful in their careers paths. The interests and aspirations of our students are matched with our database of alumnae who volunteer to come back to talk through career options, the reality of work, what they can do to ensure they stand out from other candidates and advise on the best paths to take to get them where they want to be.

Alumnae also help with interview preparation and act as a very effective one to one mentoring programme for our current students who find it inspiring to talk to someone who has been in their position only a few years previously.

This early introduction to the power of networking and the links it provides, has also proved exceptionally helpful to many of our pupils.

Many former pupils choose to return to the school to pass on their expertise to the next generation. 


Broadening horizons to make the right decision

Queen’s girls receive the best academic support, one-to-one mentoring, and in-depth help and advice as soon as they enter Year 7 with career talks from potential role models, visits to places of work, career fairs and a work experience programme.

This is backed up by well-informed help and advice from our full time Head of Careers about which careers may suit girls with particular aptitudes.

As girls progress through school their confidence and self-awareness will increase and many will, by Year 11, have a clear idea of what they want to study and often which university they wish to attend.

Others will not, and for these girls we have a range of methods to help them make decisions about their futures.

Our Morrisby Careers profile programme enables us to offer personalised and detailed careers advice in order to provide tailored expertise, support and resources so that each student can achieve at the highest level in their chosen career path.

In addition, talks from professionals continue throughout Sixth Form alongside visits to universities, career events and one to one mentoring to ensure girls have a broadest understanding of the opportunities that exist, before deciding on their own career path.