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20 Apr 2018
Queen's welcomes schools for competition to mark the centenary of the women's suffrage movement.
20 Apr 2018
Years 5 and 6 amazed by Terracotta Warriors exhibition in Liverpool.
20 Apr 2018
A four-day immersion course in the sunny south of France was enjoyed by 19 girls
19 Apr 2018
Bursary places for gifted pupils are on offer at Queen's Sixth Form.
17 Apr 2018
A group of 30 girls enjoyed the five day Geography field trip.
17 Apr 2018
Congratulations to our new Head Girl’s Team who will take over this term.
12 Apr 2018
Parents were treated to a selection of music played by girls from Key Stage 2.
12 Apr 2018
Dr Charlotte Hulme presents her research to MPs
21 Mar 2018
Congratulations to both the Year 8 and Year 9 Queen's rowing teams
Martha on the podium after securing second place in under 20 Welsh National Cross Country
05 Mar 2018
Successes in hockey, cross country, triathlon and swimming.
15 Feb 2018
The girls enjoyed competing in a number of races across the day
12 Feb 2018
Win lands team their third successive North Schools title
05 Feb 2018
Outstanding success in hockey, Lacrosse, Netball and Water Polo.
02 Feb 2018
A group of Year 5 and 6 girls travelled to Robin Park, Wigan on Tuesday
29 Jan 2018
Great results in athletics, hockey and netball
22 Jan 2018
Outstanding achievements in Lacrosse, Hockey, Water Polo and Sailing!