University destinations

Where our girls go to university is a fairly good indication, not just of the teaching at the school, but of the overall attainment of the school.

Leavers' day here in Q6 is always a fun occasion but is also a day of mixed emotions. Whilst we are sad to be spending the final day with our Year 13 students, there is much excitement as to what the future holds for them.

Quite often the offer of a place at a top university comes down to how a girl performs at interview. They look for articulate, confident students who are interested in the world around them and can think critically and strategically.

Through our Sixth Form Queen's School Baccalaureate qualification and a range of associated enrichment activities, we encourage and organise opportunities for in depth research into a subject, public speaking, debating and presenting for all students in Sixth Form.

We also offer bespoke career advice and opportunities from the outset to inspire, inform and support every student in their career aspirations.

As a consequence, our students consistently obtain university places at their first-choice institution and are successful in being accepted onto highly competitive courses.

Below is a list of the most popular destinations and courses in the last 10 years (2013-2023):

Ranking University


= 2

Birmingham; Newcastle


Leeds; Nottingham

= 4

Oxford and Cambridge

= 5

Durham; Manchester

= 6

Bristol; Edinburgh

= 7

King's College London; Bath; Cardiff

= 8

Sheffield; Lancaster; York

= 9

Bangor; Exeter


St Andrews; Manchester Met


Ranking University Course

Business and Management



= 3

Biological & Chemical Sciences

= 4

Modern Languages; Psychology




Geography and English

= 7

Economics; Politics; Law

= 8

Engineering; Mathematics; Physics

= 9 

Art; Classics


Veterinary Science