Angela Parkin '96

Angela finished Upper Sixth at Queen's in 1996, before moving on to study Chemical Engineering with French at Imperial College London, and at ENSIC in Nancy, France. She now works in Supply Chain Operations Management.

The Queen's School really developed my passion for science and problem solving, and I remember the inspirational teachers and lessons that led me to have the confidence to pursue a challenging line of study which was (and still is!) rather male-dominated.

Angela Parkin

While at Queen's, Angela's favourite subjects were Chemistry and Physics, expressing that Dr Young and Mr Cook had an unusual but effective approach to keep the class learning and engaged, whether talking about moles or kinetic energy!

One of Angela's standout memories was her final assembly in Upper Sixth, where it took place in the garden, thanks to the glorious May sunshine. Everyone enjoyed hymns and notices outside, until the girls cheekily soaked everyone with water blasters - to much hilarity from the Removes and teaching staff! Angela remembers it as a thoroughly good humoured way to conclude a great school career, and a true reflection of how Queen's has the rare combination of both academics and fun.

I will always be grateful to Queen's for giving me the confidence to question and ask if I'm not sure. These are skills I still use today to resolve problems at work, as well as with my family and children.

Angela Parkin