Welcome to The Queen's Primary School for Girls

Step through the door and you will instantly feel the warm embrace of certainty that every Queen’s girl is loved and cherished for exactly who she is. Our passionate staff ensure that learning experiences are inspiring, dynamic and personalised, because we are ultimately endeavouring to spark the fire of intellectual curiosity, thereby igniting a life-long love of learning.

We recognise that the world needs creative problem solvers, and so we provide a broad curriculum which encourages our girls to be collaborative, as well as autonomous, critical thinkers. 

Every girl is valued as a unique individual and we appreciate the contribution that each brings to her time at Queen’s. It is the character and substance of a person that really counts and makes a difference and so our exceptional pastoral care provides the compass for each girl in her journey towards becoming a global citizen of the future - we help them to develop the courage, resilience and social skills which will enable them to blaze their own personal success stories. 

Ultimately, no matter where our girls find themselves, they will always have strong roots anchored in the Queen’s community and Chester itself. We help them to grow and strengthen these links through our social and environmental activities, because we understand that we are preparing our girls to be custodians of a heritage which requires the responsibility and moral conscience to care for, and protect it, for generations to come. 

The halcyon days of childhood should be the most memorable times of your daughter’s life, and here at Queen’s we strive to make the memories that matter. 

Miss Iona Carmody
Head of Lower School

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