25 Aug 2016
Approximately 92% of the grades were at A*-B
18 Aug 2016
The school saw 84% of grades at A*-B
11 Jul 2016
Induction Day for pupils joining Sixth Form in September
11 Jul 2016
Event held at Withington Girls' School
11 Jul 2016
Thompson victorious in Pointless style quiz
08 Jul 2016
Girls rise to the Fiver Challenge
08 Jul 2016
Dance sessions, trips and drama workshops amongst the activities on offer
08 Jul 2016
Our fantastic team of Year 11 cyclists have ridden from Holyhead to Chester
04 Jul 2016
Torz Anderson part of Test winning side
29 Jun 2016
29 Jun 2016
Maisie and Evie selected to represent Cheshire in the English Schools National Championships
20 Jun 2016
The U11 swim team had an early start on Saturday when they travelled to Sheffield
16 Jun 2016
Girls compete in West Cheshire and Cheshire Schools Athletics Championships
08 Jun 2016
Double cause for celebration
07 Jun 2016
A round up of athletics, tennis and rounders results
26 May 2016
Griffins race to victory

IT Maintenance and Improvement Work – Summer Holidays 2016

Essential maintenance and improvement work will take place during the summer holidays, resulting in the unavailability of some IT services at the times listed below. Members of staff should refer to the full schedule published on Firefly.

Thank you for your co-operation. Mr Foster, IT Director

Mon 11th July  8.30am – 4.30pm - Firefly VLE, Firefly Student Planner App, WebDAV Nav

Wed 10th Aug 8.30am – Thu 11th Aug 12.30pm - Firefly VLE, Firefly Student Planner App

Mon 22nd Aug 8.30am  – Tue 23rd Aug 11.00 am - My Work

Tue 30th Aug 8.30am – 4.30pm - Firefly VLE, Firefly Student Planner App, WebDAV Nav