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12 Nov 2018
A morning of fun filled science experiments left a sweet taste.
12 Nov 2018
Lower and Senior School girls mark the centenary of the 1918 Armistice.
07 Nov 2018
Life’s not as simple as ‘Just do it’ but Nike with their ubiquitous slogan have
05 Nov 2018
Year 12 student one of a handful of CCF cadets to achieve the honour of
05 Nov 2018
Year 9 girls organise Halloween-themed day for Lower School girls.
02 Nov 2018
A fun but valuable language trip to Spain
01 Nov 2018
Sixth Former has had three separate pieces of poetry published in three different anthologies.
01 Nov 2018
Girls fired up with confidence after visit
01 Nov 2018
Girls fired up with confidence after visit
09 Oct 2018
A visit from an Australian netball team marked the start of a great sporting week.
01 Oct 2018
All the latest sporting results and successes.
21 Sep 2018
Anna Toman and Sarah Haycroft inspire girls to aim high.
17 Sep 2018
Conference provides girls with a real taste of the variety of sport career paths
13 Sep 2018
Year 11 pupil competes in seven championships, winning four and coming runner-up in three.
10 Sep 2018
Outstanding achievements across a range of sports.
04 Jul 2018
Senior School Sports Day brought an afternoon of fun and friendly competition to the school

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