Janine Turner (Flamank) ‘75

Janine was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for Services to German in Great Britain in 2017.

Janine Turner (Flamank) arrived at Queen’s in 1968, leaving in 1975 to pursue her passion for languages. In 2017, the German Embassy awarded her a Lifetime Achievement Award for services to German in Great Britain. 

While at school she loved music too, singing in many shows and she even got to sing in the French play Le Malade Imaginaire.

Janine has taught German, French and Spanish for 37 years in nursery, primary, comprehensive, grammar and independent schools in the UK.  Her roles have included Head of MFL, Head of German and Head of Spanish.  She has also trained management consultants and piano tuners to conduct their businesses in Germany. 

In the late 80s, she went to live in Chile, with her husband and two sons, where she taught German through Spanish.  On returning to the UK in the 90s, she worked as a translator of medical research and as an interpreter for East German heart patients in a private hospital in Cheshire.  In schools, she has conducted German choirs and directed German plays. 

Since 2010, in conjunction with the Goethe Institute and the ALL, Janine has developed and delivered training courses on how to teach film at German A-level.  

In January 2018, her fifth German A-level study guide was published by Oxford University Press.  She writes support material for students on film, plays, novels and life in modern Germany.