Class Representatives

What is a Class Representative? 

To answer this question simply: she is the link between the School and a specific year group (your ‘year group’ being defined as the year that you and your classmates took or would have taken A’ levels) and she has often unofficially fulfilled the role for years. She is the one who might have organised a reunion for your year group, whether it was informal drinks in Chester or a full-blown party in London: she is the one you keep in contact with and knows what people are doing: she is the one who will most likely know when you can next all get together.

The role of Class Representative can be as much or as little as you like, and of course the job can be shared, but our aim is to have at least one representative for each leaving year (and ideally one from each class within that year) whom we know we can contact and will keep us in touch with the rest. This ‘work’ is not meant to be onerous and we do hope that class reps will enjoy their involvement with the school and their ex-classmates. Bear in mind that complimentary lunches are not unknown!

Below is the current list of class reps.  Do contact us here in the Alumni Office if you would like to be put in touch with yours, or of course if you can fill any gap! We look forward to hearing from you.

2024Anoushka Paymaster-Thatcher
2023Fran Jennings
2022Genevieve St John Williams
2021Caroline Holland
2020Chloe Fahmy
2019Annabel Brookes and Nikitha Sathyamoorthy
2018Isobel Holland
2017Georgie Roberts
2016Deanna Coleman
2015Sian Davies
2014Harriet Jones
2013Emily Kelly
2012Anna Davies
2012 - StaffMrs Viv Carpenter
2011Francesca Boden and Michaela Jewson
2010Becky Pemberton
2009Amanda-Jane Jones
2008Emma Corcoran and Kate Johnson
2007Briony Crew
2006Caroline Clarke
2005Sarah Davies-Bennion
2004Hillary Tweed and Sarah Sowerby (Rivers)
2003Rhiannon Kinsman-Butler and Anna Williams
2002Lucy Meek (Heffer)
2001Mary Carpenter
2000Jill Hawkins
1998Felicity Roochove (McNae)
1997Clare Collins-Doyle
1996Lucy Diamond (Edwards)
1995Liz Thompson (Evans)
1994Sophia Samuel (Cadwaladr)
1992Emma Breeze
1991Naomi Golding (Turton), Kelly Hilton and Alex Okell
1988Clare Holland (Witter)
1987Jane Smellie (Aston) and Lorna Warren
1986Hillary Struthers (Parker)
1985Jane Bingham (Tickle)
1984Helen Aston
1983Gillian Burgess (Hands)
1981Kate McIntyre
1980Karen Dinsmore (Swain)
1979Claire Martin
1978Debbie Pitchford (Baker)
1975Catherine Jones (Lace)
1974Sarah Swallow (Wain)
1973Jenni Latham
1971Penny Muray (Green)
1970Valda McDonald (Bridges)
1969Christine English and Janet Moran (Jones)
1968Justine Salkeld (Reynolds)
1967Dawn Vernon (Parry)
1965Judith Allinson (Reid)
1964Ruth Ankers (Carter)
1963Liz Kevan (Owen)
1962Mary Burgess (Ham)
1959Wendy Martland (Speed)
1957Margaret Yorke (Longman)
1955Frances Hibbert (Brockley)
1948Margo Lumb (Weaving)