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Spanish is spoken by over 486 million people worldwide and is the official language of at least 20 countries. According to the British Council, Spanish is one of the most important languages to learn. Spanish is a gateway to learning other Romance languages, including French, Italian, and Portuguese. The Queen’s School includes Spanish and Mandarin as part of our Year 7 curriculum to help our pupils think independently, collaborate confidently, and aspire globally. Students continue with Spanish and may also start French the following year and continue with Mandarin. We make achieving one, two, or three languages possible, including a Spanish GCSE, at our Cheshire-area school for girls aged 4-18. Learn about the benefits of learning Spanish, get study tips for your Spanish GCSE exams, and more from our dedicated staff.

Why Study Spanish and Other Modern Languages?

Studying Spanish and other modern languages at the GCSE or A-level can open many doors for young people looking to enhance their CVs. Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn and comprehend due to its emphasis on phonetics. The Queen’s School has subject specialists on staff to teach an exciting modern languages programme involving Spanish, French, and Mandarin. Many of our students pursue further education in modern languages at the university level, studying at Oxbridge, Cambridge, Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh, Nottingham, and Birmingham. Our staff encourage students to study or work abroad to immerse themselves in Spanish culture. We offer biennial trips to Barcelona for Year 8 and 9 students, as well as biennial GCSE and A-level Spanish homestay study trips to Salamanca.

What Careers Benefit From Studying Modern Languages?

Most employers look favourably upon job candidates with a modern languages education because it represents superior communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills, as well as increased cultural awareness. Companies highly value language skills, especially as the global job market evolves due to technology and an increased flexibility to work remotely. Globalised companies looking to expand need multilingual employees. Because more French GCSEs are pursued than Spanish GCSEs in the UK, choosing to study Spanish can help your CV stand out from others. No matter your career path, your linguistic skills will make you a more well-rounded candidate. Careers benefitting from a modern languages education include:

  • Interpreters
  • Translators
  • Secondary school teachers
  • Overseas journalists
  • Diplomatic service officers
  • Private tutors
  • Academic researchers
  • International charity workers
  • Travel, tourism, transportation, and logistics industries
  • United Nations and other international organisations
  • Marketing executives
  • Detectives
  • Global technology, financial, and media companies

Spanish Social Media Influencers You Should Immediately Follow

For those looking to immerse themselves in Spanish culture, social media can be an excellent place to start from the comfort of home. Immersion is about more than just learning a new language. Many students choose to delve deeper into understanding Spanish fashion, food, music, films, and more to foster an appreciation for the culture as a whole. If you’re a foodie, Spanish cuisine is usually rich in flavour to ignite your passion. Spanish foodie accounts to follow for inspiration in the kitchen include food stylist Laura Lopez and The White Chestnut (Belinda Dapena). Latino Life UK covers exciting local Latino media and events, including parties, concerts, and the LatinoLife Magazine and Festival. If the glamour of London Fashion Week interests you, there are many Spanish fashion, photography, and travel influencers to follow, including Dulceida, Lovely Pepa, Trendy Taste, and My Peeptoes.

Spanish GCSE Study Tips & Past Papers to Help You Succeed

Preparing for a Spanish GCSE exam means practising your Spanish speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills. Students must show proficiency in each area. Use these study tips to help you excel:

  • You can train your ear to pick up the speed, rhythm, intonation, and pronunciation used in Spanish by listening to Spanish podcasts or watching YouTube videos in Spanish. It’s fun and rewarding for students looking to improve their Spanish listening or speaking skills.
  • Studying your course syllabus is a great place to start when selecting words and phrases that may show up in a GCSE Spanish written exam. You may also read Spanish articles in newspapers, magazines, or books. When practising reading, try to get through an entire passage for context about the meaning before looking at follow-up questions.
  • Writing exercises can help you hone your Spanish writing skills. Fill-in-the-blank exercises are wonderful ways to quiz yourself about Spanish grammar and vocabulary. We also suggest keeping a vocab book where you add new words and phrases as you come across them.
  • The best way to improve your speaking skills is to practise your pronunciation and accent by having more out-loud conversations. If you don’t have someone to practise with, you can use a language learning app, repeating the words and phrases you see or hear.
  • Viewing past papers can also help you identify any weak areas in your Spanish skills.

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