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Prepping You for Mandarin GCSE & A-Levels in Cheshire

At The Queen’s School, we encourage our students to think independently, collaborate confidently, and aspire globally. If your daughter is interested in studying foreign languages, she’s come to the right place. In Year 7, all of our students learn Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. In the following year, students may continue with Spanish or Mandarin or begin learning French. Students can achieve one, two, or three languages, including a Mandarin GCSE at our Cheshire-area school. We also have French, Spanish, and Mandarin A-levels available. Many pursue further education at the university level.

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What Can Be Done With a Degree in Mandarin Chinese?

Studying a foreign language, such as Mandarin Chinese, can be useful if preparing to travel abroad for personal or business purposes. Many Mandarin-speaking countries, such as China, Taiwan, and Singapore, often look for people who can speak English and Mandarin fluently for various jobs. In some cases, being fluent in multiple languages is a skill valued over a university degree. However, you may not have to travel abroad to develop a successful career in Mandarin Chinese. Businesses are always looking to expand and open corporate offices in other countries. Being multilingual allows you to connect with people from other cultures to collaborate on a new global playing field.

What Careers Benefit From a Mandarin GCSE & A-Levels?

Did you know that Chinese is the most widely spoken native language in the world? It’s also the most important language for UK students to learn today, over French, Spanish, and German. The sky’s the limit for those who pass their Mandarin GCSE and A-levels, followed by the Chinese Efficiency Exam. Many careers requiring fluency in Mandarin Chinese pay generous salaries because it’s a skill in high demand worldwide. From teaching the language to others to taking a government job, many exciting opportunities await you. Careers benefiting from Mandarin GCSE and A-levels include:

  • Chinese/English instructors
  • College prep consultants and tutors
  • Translators or interpreters
  • Transcribers or subtitlers for films and TV shows
  • Global marketing experts
  • Research or financial analysts
  • Lawyers
  • Journalists
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Travel, tourism, and hospitality industries

Chinese Influencers to Follow & Learn More About the Culture

Chinese culture is an ancient and often misunderstood one in the modern world. Influencers who may be able to teach you a thing or two about Chinese culture include Xiran Jay Zhao (best-selling sci-fi author on YouTube), Mochi Hanfu (an expert on Chinese beauty and fashion on TikTok and YouTube), Yang Zhang on Accented Cinema (filmmaker and essayist on YouTube), The Woks of Life (authentic Chinese recipes), and Subtle Asian Baking (an online community celebrating Asian cuisine and baking). Studying Chinese has become a popular pursuit among many celebrities in recent years. Famous people with a passion for learning and speaking Chinese include former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, British actress Vanessa Branch, American actress Mira Sorvino, WWE star John Cena, and countless others throughout history.

Tips for Helping You Prepare for Your Mandarin Exams

Whether you’re studying for your Mandarin GCSE or A-levels at The Queen’s School, here are some helpful tips for mastering your exams and coursework:

  • Create a vocabulary list to help you refresh yourself on specific words. Flashcards may be useful in remembering words with their meanings or English counterparts.
  • Practice writing or speaking the language outside of your standard coursework. Watch a television programme with subtitles on or read a book in a different language to brush up your language proficiency skills.
  • Try paraphrasing to help you remember specific words and phrases. You may be surprised how flexible learning a foreign language can be when you put your mind to it.
  • Reassess past exam papers and try some general Chinese language exercises to keep your mind in sharp focus. Preparing for an exam often requires practice, worksheets, and activities.
  • Try reviewing coursework in different orders and contexts so your brain retains the content.
  • Don’t overcram and get plenty of rest the night before an exam. You’ll perform at your best when you’re feeling comfortable and refreshed.

Why Choose The Queen’s School for Mandarin Studies?

The Queen’s School has a glowing reputation in the pursuit of excellence in education. Our Modern Languages department, in particular, focuses on offering an innovative programme. We were one of the first independent schools in northern England to be recognised for our hard work in promoting Mandarin studies. We’ve been designated a Confucius Classroom by the Office of Chinese Language Council International in Beijing, and our Mandarin teacher is sponsored by the same organisation. When enrolled in our Mandarin GSCE or A-levels, your daughter will learn how to communicate effectively and foster an understanding of the culture of native Mandarin-speaking countries. Many of our Mandarin A-level students travel abroad on trips to Beijing or Changzhou through the IoE summer camp to immerse themselves in the language and culture. We’re proud of the many benefits offered at our girls’ school.

Contact Us Today to Learn More About Entrance Assessments

If you’re interested in registering your daughter at The Queen’s School, we urge you to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding academics, extracurriculars, or Entrance Assessments. Queen’s School alumni have gone on to do many exciting and enriching things due to their education here. We’d love to talk to you about pursuing a Mandarin GCSE or A-level at our esteemed institution.

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