Differentiating needs and integrating success!

Mathematics is taught throughout the school by subject specialists; all the teachers have mathematics (or related) degrees.

The principal aims of the department are to enable girls to:-

  • Develop their mathematical knowledge and oral, written and practical skills in a manner which encourages confidence 
  • Solve problems, present solutions clearly, check, interpret and prove results 
  • Prepare girls for external mathematics examinations 
  • Apply mathematics in other subjects and in everyday situations 
  • Enjoy their mathematics!

As a core subject, mathematics is taken by all girls in Years 7-11. Girls are taught in forms at the start of Year 7 and then they are put into sets at an appropriate time in the first term. In Key Stage 3, there are 6 hours of mathematics lessons per fortnight raising to 7 hours per fortnight in Key Stage 4. It is also a popular choice at A-level when typically between a third and a half of the girls opt to embark on the A-level course.

All girls take the higher level Peason Edexcel IGCSE Examination in Year 11 with those in Set 1 taking OCR Additional Mathematics, a free-standing mathematics qualification (FSMQ) beyond GCSE level, as well.

From September 2017, girls in the Sixth Form are prepared for the Pearson Edexcel Advanced level examination which includes both statistics and mechanics as well as the pure aspects of the course. Further Mathematics is also offered at A-level.

All girls are welcome to come to the maths clinics twice per week where extra help is available.

We are proud of our record of success in examinations and in national and local competitions. Our mathematics team has reached the national final of the National Team Challenge Competition twice in recent years, putting us in the top 50 of the 1200 schools who entered. We continue to enjoy success in the prestigious competitions organised by the Mathematical Education on Merseyside (MEN), an organisation made up of the three universities in Liverpool.