•    To deliver an understanding of chemistry in the context of biological, physical and earth sciences and its relevance to modern society
•    To create a teaching environment in which students are encouraged to contribute to discussions, share their experiences and learn from experimental observations, in order to enrich their practical and theoretical understanding of chemistry in the wider context
•    To encourage awareness of the benefits of an understanding of chemistry and to provide insights into the importance of chemistry in a fast-changing technological world

The content of the Edexcel IGCSE in chemistry is covered throughout Years 9-11 and examined through two written papers at the end of Year 11. The examinations test factual recall, understanding of experimental details, mathematical skills and the application of scientific ideas in real-world scenarios.  There is no controlled assessment or coursework aspect to the IGCSE. The IGCSE is considered to be an excellent preparation for A-level studies. The AQA Chemistry A-level is studied, with final examinations at the end of Year 13.

The teaching of chemistry at The Queen's School is enhanced by our contributions to Science Club. Aimed at girls in Year 9, the club meets weekly to perform experiments, from 'Howling Jelly Babies' and 'Slime with a Twist' to 'Crunchie Foam' and 'Diet Coke and Mentos'.

The Science Club hosts whole-school events such as National Chemistry Week events in November, National Science Week events in March and we help out during special events in the library.

Girls also have access to an array of opportunities to experience chemistry beyond the classroom:

•    The Salters’ Festival of Chemistry at Manchester University is offered to girls in Years 8
•    Year 9 students attend the Women’s Enterprise Event at Catalyst in Widnes
•    Sixth Form chemists are given the chance to compete in the RSC Young Analyst competition and trips to the Liverpool University Schools' Lab
•    We also encourage girls to enter in the RSC Chemistry Olympiad at Sixth Form level