"The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there." L. P. Hartley

There are two full-time members of staff in the department.
The aims of the history department are:
•    To make the study of history stimulating and enjoyable and to encourage a lasting interest in the past 
•    To develop pupils’ understanding of the past 
•    To investigate historical events and people, change and continuity, cause and effect 
•    To examine historical sources critically 
•    To develop an understanding of bias and propaganda. 


History at the Queen's School

History is a compulsory subject in Years 7 to 9. The National Curriculum for Key Stage 3 forms the basis of our teaching. In year 7 pupils learn about life in the Medieval period (c.1066-1485); in year 8 pupils move on to look at life in Britain in the Early Modern Period (Tudors & Stuarts, 1485-1714); in year 9 pupils study modern American history, including the campaign for civil rights and the USA’s involvement in Vietnam; this is in preparation for GCSE study, of which these topics are a part.
The subject is optional at GCSE. We follow the Edexcel course which covers the following key areas:
- Crime & Punishment Throughout Time
- Early Elizabethan England, 1558-188 
- British America, 1713-83
- The USA, 1954-1783: Empire and Revolution

At AS level and A-level our pupils study alternatives in Early Modern British and Modern European History with the opportunity to develop their independent study skills in Year 13 when they take part in an historical enquiry into the causes of the holocaust.
Where possible we try to take advantage of the history on our doorstep. 
Year 7 pupils study the medieval period and this includes a visit to Ruthin Castle for a medieval banquet.
Year 8 pupils have visited the new International Slavery Museum at the Liverpool Maritime Museum to develop their understanding of the slave trade.
Year 9 pupils have visited the Holocaust Centre in Nottingham as part of their study of the Holocaust and met with a survivor.
We have organised residential trips for Years 10 and 11 to visit Ypres, World War I battlefields and Berlin.