Queen's News

15th June 2021
Why single sex girls’ schools are empowering individuals to thrive
Headmistress Mrs WW blogs about the value of an all-girls environment.
15th December 2020
A reflection from the heart
Headmistresses Mrs WW and Miss Carmody reflect on 2020
14th July 2020
The strength of Queen's roots
No matter where our branches may spread, we have the depth of strong roots to rely on.
27th November 2019
Headmistress's blog: Global outlooks
Why we must encourage young people to face outward.
28th May 2019
Headmistress's blog: 'You can't automate creativity'
As more processes become automated in an ever developing world, the qualities which we all possess that are exclusively 'human' are bound to become more valuable. One cannot automate kindness
20th May 2019
Headmistress's blog: Dare to dream
I don’t particularly follow football, my children are both rugby players and I focussed on athletics and netball myself, but it is hard not to be swept up by the almost romantic notion of a non-league