Queen's News

28th May 2019
Headmistress's blog: 'You can't automate creativity'
As more processes become automated in an ever developing world, the qualities which we all possess that are exclusively 'human' are bound to become more valuable. One cannot automate kindness,
20th May 2019
Headmistress's blog: Dare to dream
I don’t particularly follow football, my children are both rugby players and I focussed on athletics and netball myself, but it is hard not to be swept up by the almost romantic notion of a non-league
4th April 2019
Headmistress's blog: Fingers and thumbs
It always gives me great pride to welcome visitors to the school as invariably having been shown round by one of the girls, the visitor returns to tell me what a fantastic time they have had seeing
17th December 2018
Headmistress's Blog: Pulling together in times of trouble
This weekend we received some devastating news from Chester Zoo after a fire ripped through the Monsoon Forest area. Tragically, not all of the animals made it out and those that did are now homeless.
7th November 2018
Headmistress's Blog: Just do it!
Life’s not as simple as ‘Just do it’ but Nike with their ubiquitous slogan do have a point, and there is certainly value in any message which focuses our attention away from the black hole of
12th October 2018
Headmistress's Blog: A sense of belonging
A sense of belonging is one of the strongest human emotions. It is a fundamental need described by Maslow’s Hierarchy as the next most crucial thing to safety and basic physiological requirements. The