A reflection from the heart


2020 ... you deserve an ode! A year ago, your arrival was expected, planned for, even looked forward to. But you swerved. And in doing so, our global, national and personal histories were transformed as we stumbled blindly down your unprecedented path.

Life will swerve, unexpectedly - and sometimes quite spectacularly - but our measure will be how we bend and accommodate so we do not break. We learn, we grow, we survive; such is the mettle of our girls, our staff and our community.

And now, as we get ready to cocoon ourselves in festive cheer, and New Year sparkle, let us hold our loved ones all the more closely in gratitude, as we reflect on how 2020 has focussed our minds ever more sharply on what really matters ... and what simply doesn’t.

Our wholehearted gratitude is extended to the Queen’s staff for everything you do to support the girls and their families; the girls for your indefatigable resilience and joie de vivre; and the wider Queen’s community for all you do to support us in remaining true to our purpose.

We wish you a wonderful, safe and healthy Christmas with loved ones and friends, and let’s look forward to 2021, whatever it may hold. Bring on the swerve - we’ve got this!

Sue Wallace-Woodroffe and Iona Carmody