6th January 2020
Mud pies and nature - creating a new 'normal'
Read the latest blog from the Head of Lower School about the importance of an evolving curriculum.
28th November 2019
Project Q-Vamp - Making Progress
A month has passed and the redecoration has already begun! Earlier this week, the study room was completely emptied of all tables, chairs, shelves and
27th November 2019
Global outlooks
Why we must encourage young people to face outward
15th November 2019
Autumn Beach Watch
As the Lower School girls complete their last Beach School session of the year, Miss Carmody talks about the power of water and outdoor education.
24th October 2019
Project Q-Vamp!
Welcome to the first edition of the Project Q-Vamp Blog! Join us on our journey to transform our Year 12 common room.
17th October 2019
Flying the flag for girls in European Cyber Security Challenge
Katy in Year 13 was part of Team UK and just one of nine girls out of 200 competitors in the competition.