10th May 2022
A student perspective - top things to consider when choosing a sixth form
If you are anything like I was, choosing your sixth form may seem like an absolute monster of a decision! This is completely understandable, for a lot
14th April 2022
How to revise effectively for your exams by The Queen's School, Chester.
At The Queen’s School, we understand that a structured approach to revision is key to good exam performance. Whilst there is no one-size-fits-all
16th February 2022
Why Choose The Queen’s School for your Daughter's Education
We recognise the importance of selecting a school for your daughter’s future, and are here to make that decision as smooth as possible. We offer a
2nd February 2022
Why choose an all-girls school?
Enrolling your daughter in an all-girls school is a huge decision so to help you along we've highlighted the main advantages for your daughter.
28th January 2022
The old influencing the new - the value of role models
Alumna Deanna Coleman '16 blogs about why she is so proud to be a Queen's girl and the value of the alumni network for pupils.
5th January 2022
Embracing technology
The rapid development of technology, how crucial it has been during the pandemic, and why it is so important for students to understand it!