10th May 2024
Empowering Young Minds
Headmistress Joanne Keville blogs about the power of all-girls schools in breaking stereotypes and empowering pupils to achieve greatness.
16th April 2024
Nurturing Confidence: The Power of All-Girls Education
New Headmistress Joanne Keville focusses on the many benefits of all-girls schools in the first blog of her tenure.
1st March 2024
There are warriors amongst us …!
As we embrace ‘Women’s History Month’, ‘International Women’s Day’, and Mother’s Day, it feels entirely appropriate to turn a spotlight on the women
29th January 2024
Prepping for A-level & GCSE Exams in 2024 in Cheshire
Everything You Need to Know About Exams in 2024 In the UK, students sit their A-level exams at the end of their secondary education in Year 13 to
8th January 2024
The Impact of Absence on Children in Education
Head of Pastoral Miss Jones blogs about the impact of children missing school and provides some useful advice for parents.
6th September 2023
An ode to roots …
Head of Lower School Miss Carmody blogs about the importance of helping our young learners grow by encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones