Headmistress's blog: 'You can't automate creativity'

As more processes become automated in an ever developing world, the qualities which we all possess that are exclusively 'human' are bound to become more valuable.

One cannot automate kindness, leadership, empathy or creativity. And it is why at Queen's we focus so strongly on these qualities and skills which, after all, can be learnt, developed and improved.

Creativity for me is fundamental; how much more will we be able contribute to life if we are able to give consideration to an idea or a problem and be innovative in our response.

The creativity taking place in our school across all manner of subjects is absolutely first-rate, led by teachers who value originality of thought; the GCSE artwork on display this week, the girls teaching coding in Mandarin Club, our drama teachers who have just launched an exciting competition and even creativity on the sports field.

It is fantastic to witness and long may it continue!