The Queen's Magic

Welcome to The Queen’s School, where girls aged 4 to 18 enjoy a journey of growth, learning, and boundless opportunities.

We are passionate and firmly believe in the benefits of an all-girls education, and how it empowers them to embrace their passions, shatter stereotypes, and cultivate a lifelong love of learning


It really is a privilege to witness the incredible achievements of our pupils year after year in an atmosphere that fosters strong bonds and a sense of belonging, while celebrating the strengths and talents that make every girl unique.

There are so many reasons why the Queen's environment is so special - step through our doors and you will instantly feel the warmth of our friendly atmosphere, where young minds are nurtured, and girls become the very best version of themselves.

Below are some further articles to highlight some of the benefits.

Lower School girls gardening

Why One Size Does Not Fit All –When it comes to education, recognising what makes each of us unique is key and something we value greatly at Queen's. Read more about how our warm and nurturing environment offers a learning experience that combines the power of personalised learning, small class sizes, and an empowering atmosphere to prepare pupils for the future.

Girls in Virtual Boardroom

Building Confidence: Empowering Girls in Leadership - At Queen's, we believe in empowering girls to become confident leaders and make a difference. Learn more about how we encourage girls to explore their strengths, develop their unique voices, and emerge as empowered leaders of tomorrow. 

Senior School girls in science

The value of an all-girls education. Read Headmistress Mrs WW's blog about why single-sex girls' schools are empowering individuals to thrive.