English Language
English is a popular subject at A-level. We currently offer English Literature, following the Eduqas specification, and English Language, following the Edexcel specification. The Department organises numerous activities including theatre and cinema visits, conference days, creative writing club, senior and junior debating and the school magazine.
English Language at A Level is very different from English Language at GCSE.  At this level you will have the opportunity to consider some of the key issues surrounding English language in use such as:
• How does language vary according to the place it is used, not only geographically, but also socially and culturally?
• How has language changed over time?
• Does my own language use vary? When does this happen and why?
• What role does language have in making me who I am?
English language also enables students to write creatively and to cultivate their own distinct creative voice. There is a significant creative writing coursework element to the course which gives students plenty of creative opportunities. Students also have opportunities to develop research, investigation and analytical skills is an excellent foundation for further study or entering the workplace. Students will be expected to work with both primary and secondary data sources, as well as doing appropriate wider reading. 
Together, the creative writing and language investigation components give students maximum opportunity to develop their particular language specialism in their second year of study. Students interested in journalism, for example, might select to write newspaper articles for their coursework, followed by language and journalism for their investigation component. Alternatively, students interested in law might choose to produce speeches for their coursework, followed by language and power for their investigation component.
English Language students enjoy events outside the classroom and students have been out to study days and spent time at a local primary school to study child language development. At the end of the course, you may wish to continue to study English Language at degree level and combine it with another specialism. The analytical and communications skills taught are highly regarded and very applicable in law, journalism, teaching, advertising and the media.
You will need a B grade at GCSE to be accepted onto the course.
“The English language is nobody's special property. It is the property of the imagination: it is the property of the language itself”.
Derek Walcott