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The Queen’s School Equips Drama Students for Lifetime Success

The Queen’s School provides drama GCSE & A-level courses. We are an all-girls school that offers a safe and secure environment for your child’s needs. Our students learn from a full and varied curriculum to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the real world. No matter your interest or gift, we have a place for you. Contact us today for your questions.

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What Do Drama Courses Involve?

Our drama courses allow girls to express themselves by focusing on the creative world's elements and techniques. We teach our students to discover how to connect imagination, emotions, and thoughts. They’ll learn the essence of spoken and written language in a way that they can communicate through body movement. There are many aspects and genres of drama we engage them in so they can be well-rounded with various roles. Our goal is to empower every girl to be equipped with a dramatic career that fulfils their joy and natural talent.

What Careers Apply to Drama Students?

The career fields for drama students includes many occasions for success. Whether you desire to be a performer or behind the scenes, there is a position for everyone. Consider the following successful job opportunities in the drama industry:

  • Actor – If you want to make a career out of acting, drama studies are the perfect match for this role. You’ll be equipped with speaking skills, emoting, and fitting into characters’ shoes for many performances.
  • Music Producer – Music producers are responsible for all musical production aspects of a theatrical experience. If you’re musically inclined and desire to pair it with a love of drama, this is a great career opportunity.
  • Choreographer – Choreographers are critical to a dramatic performance, so actors know how to express their coordinated movements. Dancers are incredible for this position with their lovely talents.
  • Talent Agent – Your drama courses will equip you to look for the best talent agent or become one yourself. These individuals are responsible for booking professionals in the entertainment industry.

Who Are Successful Influencers in the Drama Industry?

Many impressive drama influencers are known for impressively impacting the entertainment industry. Whether you are a Broadway fanatic or follow other performers, there is always a reason to be inspired by these talents. Discover the following as incredible actors who are paving the way for drama students:

  • Ephraim Sykes – Ephraim Sykes is an actor and singer from sunny Florida. He is known for his role as George Eacker in Hamilton and Seaweed J. Stubbs in NBC’s Hairspray Live! Sykes was recently prized with the opportunity to play Michael Jackson in MJ: The Musical, so be sure to watch this talent!
  • Teale Dvornick - Teale Dvornick is a Broadway dresser who posts about life working backstage on her blog, The Backstage Blonde. Currently at Wicked, she has worked on Aladdin and Summer: The Donna Summer Musical. Most popular of Instagram, her 5.89% engagement is higher than the 2.45% average engagement rate.
  • Morgan Marcell – Morgan wears many hats as a singer, actress, director, photographer, and dancer. She performed in the Broadway production in Hamilton and directed The Eliza Project documentary. Her biggest inspirations are Vanessa Hudgens, Sarah Hyland, and Mario.
  • Kate Winslet - Over the course of her successful career, Kate Winslet has won Academy Awards, Grammy Awards and Emmy Awards. She has also been awarded several BAFTA Awards, and has won three British Academy Film Awards.

What Are Some Top Tips for Successful Drama Exams?

The essential tips for drama GSCE and A-level exams vary depending on your personality and how you learn best. We offer general ways you can ready yourself for the big moment. Practice the following before it’s your turn to perform:

  • Know Your Lines Before Performing – Speed running your lines with other students is a great way to practice muscle memory for your exam. If it helps, you can break your speech down into sections that your brain can easily remember in pieces.
  • Fully in Character – Nerves and excitement can quickly overtake your thoughts when preparing for your exam. At least an hour before testing, it is essential to get into character. You don’t necessarily have to wear your costume or act like the individual. However, think about the interests, personality, and opinions of the person you represent.
  • Breathe – Breathe and drink plenty of water to prepare your voice for speaking. These are crucial pieces that will keep you focused and help you relax.

Why Should You Study Drama Courses?

The Queen’s School equips girls across Cheshire, Wirral and North Wales with the ability to communicate their talents creatively and authentically. We understand the importance of empowering students by enhancing the originality of the gifts they were born knowing. Our programs are available to girls of all ages within our lower and senior schools. We are here for you if you want an engaging and welcoming environment to make you feel like you belong. Consider our school today for your educational needs.

GCSE Drama Past Papers:

These past papers are AQA approved.


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