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The Queen’s School Provides Computer Science Studies in Cheshire

The Queen’s School offers computing GCSE & A-level studies to girls in Cheshire, Wirral and North Wales. We are an all-girls school offering a secure and engaging learning environment and providing students with comprehensive curriculums to prepare them for a successful future in the field of their choice. We offer a high quality education in computing across the lower and senior school. Consider Queen's for your education.

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What Is Computer Science?

Studying computer science is ideal for learning how computers work versus being taught why to use them. Our course provides students with a challenge that produces a rewarding outcome. We offer a curriculum that requires you to be prepared to think with your math, science, and logistical abilities. You will complete your assignments, gaining more vital analytics and problem-solving skills. Our computer science entails navigating coding through Python programming software, an engaging platform that allows your creative wheels to turn logically for real-life applications. If you love critical thinking, this is the course for you!

What Careers Benefit from Computer Science?

Countless successful careers are based on computer science and technology skills. If you love math or being creative, or perhaps you have the skills for both, you can always find jobs related to your passions in this field. Consider the following careers that benefit from studying GSCE and A-level computer science courses:

  • Software Engineer – These engineers create and develop software applications. They use programming languages like Java or Python to meet user requirements.  
  • Data Scientist – A data scientist analyses large amounts of data to gain insights and make decisions. These specialists use statistics, machine learning, and visualiser techniques to understand complex information.
  • Computer Systems Analyst – Computer systems analysts design and incorporate technology programs tethered to organisational needs. They work with companies to understand business requirements and translate them into technical terms for users.
  • IT Project Managers – These professionals oversee the planning, implementation, and delivery of technology projects. They work closely with team members to ensure specific requirements meet certain standards.
  • Web Designer – Web designers use their creative and detail-oriented skills to develop new websites and re-design existing ones.

Who Are Successful Influencers That Work in Computer Science?

Many successful influencers work in the computer science industry. These individuals not only have earned high roles in some of the top companies in the world. They also carry skill sets allowing them to start their innovative businesses. Discover the following professionals for inspiration:

  • Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBEDr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE was the youngest girl ever to pass A-level computing at aged 11, and was just 20 years old when she received her Master’s Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Oxford. It is her wealth of experience and pioneering spirit that led her to co-found the Stemettes, an award-winning social initiative dedicated to inspiring and promoting the next generation of young women in the STEM sectors. In 2022 she released her new book She’s in CTRL a guidebook for women to take back tech.
  • Sandy CarterSandy Carter is the vice president of Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud computing program. Carter’s skillsets include ecosystem development, marketing, and more. She also serves as the chairman of the board of Girls in Tech, an education management company that encourages women to enter the tech space.
  • Susan Diane Wojcicki - Susan Diane Wojcicki is a Polish-American business executive who was the CEO of YouTube from 2014 to 2023. Her net worth was estimated at $765 million in 2022. She has worked in the technology industry for over twenty years and became involved in the creation of Google in 1998 when she rented out her garage as an office to the company's founders. She worked as Google's first marketing manager in 1999, and later led the company's online advertising business and original video service. After observing the success of YouTube, she suggested that Google should buy it; the deal was approved for $1.65 billion in 2006. She was the CEO of YouTube from 2014 to 2023.
  • Carrie Anne Philbin MBE - Carrie Anne Philbin MBE is an English teacher of computer science and an author. She is a director of educator support at the Raspberry Pi Foundation and chairs the Computing At School diversity and inclusion group, #CASInclude. She wrote the computing book Adventures in Raspberry Pi (2013) for teenagers and runs the YouTube channel Geek Gurl Diaries. In 2017, she was the host for Crash Course Computer Science.

What Are Effective Tips For Computing Exams?

We want you to succeed when studying our computing GCSE & A-level exams. There are many tips and tricks to excel and earn top grades on our courses. Consider the following as some of the best ways to do a great job:

  • Learn How to Write – Computer science students spend much time writing code and programming. Learning to write with the basics will enhance your ability to translate computing in your workspace.
  • Build Story Concepts – You can create theoretical situations to help you build a plan for an existing or hypothetical company. You’ll be able to put your knowledge into practice without any pressure from professionals. However, it’ll show them your initiative that they can help you with when needed.
  • Know Basic Computer Skills – Knowing the basic build of a computer or software will aid in expounding upon the information you’ll learn in your courses. When you’re familiar with base foundations, you can only grow!
  • Pursue Internships – This provides you with real-life experiences to apply your studies and computer skills. Internships will also allow you to learn other techniques to pair with your school learning.

Why Should You Study Computer Science at The Queen’s School?

The Queen’s School provides girls with a successful and bright future. By studying computer science, they will reap the benefits of growing in a field that is in high demand. Our girls will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a career in software development, cybersecurity, and more. They’ll learn to enhance their critical and creative thinking to impact society as technology advances. We have created an environment for you to study comfortably and confidently with a welcoming community of professionals. Consider us today for GCSE and A-level studies and a successful future.

Here you can find GCSE past papers for Computing:

Computing GCSE Past Papers:

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