Community Connections and Partnerships

Girls at Queen’s are encouraged to give something back to society. Our values underpin everything we do as we believe that it is only through helping others that we can truly know ourselves. This focus also helps to promote confidence and a wider sense of community, justice and fair play.  Girls enjoy the sense of achievement that comes with reaching a fundraising goal, making a difference or simply making someone smile, and this, in turn, helps with their understanding of effort and reward.

Pupils throughout the school participate in charity fundraising events and we support a wide range of causes.  The charities we support are proposed by the pupils via the charity committee and events are organised by small groups, forms or the House system.  Our charity work extends to volunteering locally in care homes, charity shops and a sixth form QUEST programme working with Save the Family.  We have international links with other schools abroad working with Camps International to offer pupils a unique insight into a country’s particular challenges and culture. Girls also regularly perform for the local community in festivals and concerts or at special events in the Chester Cathedral or in local businesses.

We have outreach programmes in local primary schools and offer specialist languages and science activity days to Year 5 and 6 pupils to extend the learning of their gifted and talented pupils.

Cycling for charity