This term Year 6 have been exploring the Shang Dynasty of ancient China. They have learned about Shang settlements, agriculture, early writing, spiritual beliefs and important leaders like the remarkable warrior, Lady Fu Hao. The girls learned that, like the ancient Egyptians, the Shang believed in equipping their dead rulers for the afterlife and that many of the artefacts which informed historians about the period were excavated from tombs.

Based on their research of many of these artefacts, the girls decided to create an exhibition, to which they would invite parents and friends.  They chose their artefacts carefully, found out about the materials from which they were made and designed their own replicas. Using a range of 3D modelling and sculpture materials the girls produced a magnificent haul of very convincing 'bronze, jade and ivory' artefacts.

Invitations were sent to parents and the girls were delighted to give informative guided tours of their own museum. Everyone who visited was very impressed with the quality of their work and the depth of their knowledge about the period. 

Post date: 14th November 2016