Head Girl's Blog: Dublin Queens

Last weekend, a group of Year 13 girls including myself became the latest year to go on the school’s legendary trip to Dublin. 

After school on Friday we flew to Dublin, where our adventures began. After hearing stories from my sister’s trip a few years previously I was very excited to visit the famous city, especially Trinity College and the Guinness factory. 

As you would expect, we took part in a variety of activities ranging from visiting Dublin Castle, exploring Trinity College where we saw the Book of Kells, and the Guinness Factory. 

My highlights of the trip were seeing the Oscar Wilde statue in Merrion Square Park, where my English class, who are currently studying him, had a photo and also going to Dublin Castle and seeing a portrait of one of my favourite women in history; Queen Caroline.

 On a less cultural note, we also visited an ice cream parlour called Gino’s which sold the best ice-cream, and my best friend, after seven years of waiting, finally got her Irish name spelt correctly at Starbucks!

The trip was one of the best and I have so many memorable moment that will stay with me for a long time. It was a fantastic way for the whole year to bond and allow everyone to spend time with one another in a stress-free enjoyable atmosphere which enabled everyone to have fun. As this trip is my last trip at Queen’s I was so happy that so many of my year went, and that I was able to share my experiences with them. 

It will undoubtedly be sad to leave Queen’s this year but this trip was an excellent way to celebrate our time at school and reflect on everything we have been through as a year. Our visit reminded me how important friendships are in making everything in life just that little bit more fun and more special.  

I would like to thank all six teachers that went on the trip, especially Mrs McKeirnan who organised it. All were remarkably patient and calm even when dealing with 27 cold, hungry girls and for this I am very grateful. 

To any girls in Queen’s who are offered the opportunity to go to Dublin, and in fact any of the school’s trips, I can highly recommend it.