The Queen’s School Bursary Foundation Appeal: 150 for 150

Since its founding in 1878, The Queen’s School has been committed to providing an outstanding education for the girls of Chester and the surrounding areas; that education will not only prepare them for their own future but will also provide the wider community with individuals who can shape the future for others.

The Queen’s School provides a rich and varied learning environment with exceptional opportunities in all areas of school life. I am proud of the high moral values and social responsibility embedded in our community that empowers girls from all backgrounds to be powerful influences for good in society.

With this in mind, we are committed to providing more opportunities for intellectually curious girls, whatever the financial position of their families, to benefit from a Queen’s School education. Its power can be transformative, its value limitless.

Some families are fortunate to be able to easily afford the best education, many more have to make huge sacrifices in order to do so. However, for lots of families with able and ambitious children, choosing a school like Queen's is simply not an option without the financial support of the bursary fund.

We all benefit from diversity; we all learn from meeting and interacting with people who have different perspectives and backgrounds, and we want our school to continue to reflect the community it serves.

Over the years, our bursary programme has already helped a significant number of girls to explore their full potential. But I want The Queen’s School to become needs-blind, where every girl who earns her place is able to take it up, irrespective of her financial circumstances.

It is a bold and ambitious vision that will take several decades to achieve and it will require the support of the entire Queen’s School community: from alumni to parents past and present, as well as the wider local business network.

The first step towards this vision our campaign for bursaries – 150 for 150: to raise £150,000 to celebrate our 150th anniversary in 2028.

At The Queen’s School, we are committed to remaining at the forefront of women’s education and in providing the world with leaders, thinkers and problem solvers.

We have already provided Chester with its first female solicitor, its first lady mayor, the first woman to receive the Freedom of the City, the first woman president of the Freemen and Guilds in over 800 years and the first female cathedral provost in Church of England history, as well as England’s first female neuro-surgeon.

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Thank you for your support.