Learning from experience

They say the young keep us youthful, but on Wednesday it was a case of former students keeping current students in touch with the next stage in life they have to look forward to.

Thank you so much to the large group of alumnae who came back and gave back to Queen’s at our Uni Life event. Words of wisdom and nuggets of advice were offered and gratefully accepted, and there was such a vibrant feeling of open and honest dialogue. Alumnae reminisced and reassured – they were fantastic and we know Year 12 are hugely appreciative of the effort made to return.

Preparing girls for life is one of our particular strengths here at Queen's and with such a warm and vibrant Queen’s community, further strengthening the connections the girls have with our alumnae is something we are passionate about. It is a testament to our thriving alumnae network that so many of them want to support our current pupils in events such as this.

The power of role models cannot be underestimated in a school, especially if they also have a strong connection. It is this first-hand knowledge from girls who only a few years ago were sitting where our current students are now, that is of such value and really motivates and  inspires the girls.