Inspirational Prize Giving Ceremony

We were enormously proud to welcome alumna Miss Rebecca Wright to school for our annual Prize Giving ceremony at Chester Cathedral. Rebecca spoke warmly about her time at the school and engagingly about her life since leaving.

Following Queen's, her passion for literature took her to Oxford followed by a doctorate and spell at Harvard studying law before an impressive career as an international human rights lawyer and then a UK criminal barrister. She has since set up the Schools Consent Project aimed at teaching children about the issue of consent.

She spoke from the heart both in the Cathedral and earlier in school, to a group of aspiring lawyers about her own role models, about failure and how it is a necessary part of life and about the importance of self-belief and standing your ground.

Rebecca was an inspiration to us all and we wish her the best of luck with her latest adventure - that of motherhood!

After her speech she presented the girls with their well earned prizes raging from Subject and House Merit Awards to bespoke awards for specific areas of achievement. Congratulations to all of our prize winners.