School Blogs

17th July 2019
Queen's call up for Lacrosse World Cup
An incredibly exciting summer ahead for Louise in Year 12 who is off to Canada to represent Ireland at the U19 Lacrosse World Cup . Louise is extremely honoured and excited to be given this
15th July 2019
Celebrating diversity
As the school ‘Diversity Champions’ Melody and I aimed to make the week fun and enjoyable for all. We organised food and a different film for every day. Another important aspect was the decoration,
4th June 2019
Head Girl's blog: Time is running out
Recently Queen’s celebrated Earth Day by holding an own clothes day which was organised by Eco Society, of which I am a member. Since Christmas, we have been working to make Queen’s a more eco
28th May 2019
Headmistress's blog: 'You can't automate creativity'
As more processes become automated in an ever developing world, the qualities which we all possess that are exclusively 'human' are bound to become more valuable. One cannot automate kindness,
22nd May 2019
Teacher Blog: reading in the digital age
I spend many hours throughout the year reading with (and to) my wonderful Year 2 pupils, and to be able to support and witness their reading progress – from dogged decoding to vibrant fluency - is one
20th May 2019
Headmistress's blog: Dare to dream
I don’t particularly follow football, my children are both rugby players and I focussed on athletics and netball myself, but it is hard not to be swept up by the almost romantic notion of a non-league
9th May 2019
Teacher blog: the value of competition
From within the bubble of the Queen’s school it can be difficult to measure the development of our pupils against their peers across the nation and beyond, until of course they take their GCSE and GCE
7th May 2019
Lower School blog: Saving the planet
Last Tuesday ten Year 5 Lower School girls were invited to the Senior School with children from other schools to do a plastic workshop. First we looked at information about how many different plastic
4th April 2019
Headmistress's blog: Fingers and thumbs
It always gives me great pride to welcome visitors to the school as invariably having been shown round by one of the girls, the visitor returns to tell me what a fantastic time they have had seeing
15th January 2019
Lower School Blog: Life's a beach
What is it about the coast that entices us, beckoning us to step closer to the point where earth pays homage to water? I have been to so many amazing beaches in the world, in fair weather...and foul,