Business Tycoons ready to trade

Three teams of Year 12 students are now set up and ready to trade in the Tycoon Enterprise Competition 2019.

This will be the fourth year The Queen’s School has taken part in the national competition which was launched by former Dragon Peter Jones in July 2012 and gives primary and secondary school students an opportunity to experience running a real life business within their school, thereby stimulating a more enterprising culture across Britain.

Our teams have written their business plans and pitched for their start-up loans which they received this week so they are now ready to produce their products and start trading. Businesses include an eco-friendly planner, an environmental children’s book and coloured bracelets which represent different causes.

So lets meet the teams:

Team name: Who Cares

Team Who Cares

Team Members:
Charlie  – Project Manager
Sofia  – Production
Lauren – Marketing
Anna – Finance
Immy – Sales Manager
Anna – Marketing Assistant
Rosie – Project Secretary
Natasha – Production Assistant

Product: Coloured bracelets with each colour representing different causes. The girls plan to sell their bracelets in school, Storyhouse and around the city over the next few weeks.The causes include:

  • Supporting mental health
  • Climate Change
  • LGBTQ+
  • Equality
  • End Racism

Team name: Eco 365

Team Eco 365

Team Members:
Anna – Managing Director
Amelia  – Executive Researcher
Kate  – Co-creative Director
Beth  – Finance and IT Director
Milly  – Operations and Productions Manager
Grace – Marketing and Sales
Jess – Co-creative Director

Product: An eco-friendly planner which contains challenges, tips and recipes to help people make their life more environmentally sustainable. The girls will also have an e-book option which can be purchased at a reduced cost.

Strapline: Think Globally, Act Locally

Team name: Kids4Kids

Team Kids4Kids

Team Members:
Saskia – Managing Director
Jasmine – Research Manager
Freya  – Marketing Manager
Hen  – Design Manager
Immy – Finance Manager
Abby – Market Research
Bethany – Production Manager
Phillip – Sales Manager
Alana  – Company Secretary/Logo Designer

Product: An environmental children’s book with a focus on oceans called Tia the Turtle.

The girls have written and illustrated the book themselves and are producing it this week. They will also have an e-book version available and will initially be targeting primary schools to sell the book. They have set up an Instagram account for Tia the Turtle’s Adventure. Follow @tia_the_turtle_

The competition runs during the autumn term with trading beginning in November for a four-week period. The overall winner will be announced in January 2020.

We wish all our teams the best of luck!