Bridging Generations

At Queen’s we believe in nurturing strong connections between our current students and our accomplished alumnae. This relationship is a cornerstone of our educational ethos, providing valuable insights and inspiration to our students as they contemplate their future careers. Our Alumni Department recently hosted a special event for our Year 12 students, featuring three esteemed alumnae who shared their career journeys and answered questions from the audience.

Dr. Elizabeth Sutton: Pioneering Research in Space Biology

Dr. Elizabeth Sutton, a 2013 graduate, captivated our students with her groundbreaking work as a Post-Doctoral researcher at the University of Liverpool. She is currently involved in the MicroAge II project, an innovative research initiative that focuses on growing human muscle cells to be sent to the International Space Station. The project aims to utilise the unique conditions of microgravity as a model for premature muscle aging in humans. Dr. Sutton’s presentation highlighted the cutting-edge nature of her work and the profound implications it could have for understanding and combating age-related muscle deterioration.

Dr. Lisa Hallam: A Journey into Medicine

Dr. Lisa Hallam, from the class of 2005, recounted her inspiring journey into the field of medicine. Initially uncertain about her career path, Dr. Hallam discovered her passion for science and math during her time at Queen’s. This passion, combined with her desire for a people-oriented profession, led her to pursue a medical degree at the University of Birmingham. Dr. Hallam’s story resonated with many students, demonstrating that uncertainty in career choices is normal and that perseverance and passion can guide them to fulfilling careers.

Emma Palmer: Advocating for Families and Children

Emma Palmer, a 2003 alumna and dedicated family solicitor, shared her experiences in the field of international family law. Over the years, she has made a significant impact by representing children in various legal matters, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights protected. Emma’s commitment to her profession and her dedication to advocating for vulnerable individuals were truly inspiring to our students, showcasing the profound difference that one can make in the lives of others through a career in law.

An Inspiring Exchange

The event was an inspiring opportunity for our Year 12 students to learn from the diverse and impactful careers of our accomplished alumnae. Hearing firsthand about the challenges and triumphs these women have faced provided our students with valuable insights and real-world examples of where their education at The Queen’s School can take them. 

At The Queen’s School, we are proud of our strong alumnae network and the ongoing relationship we nurture and maintain. These connections not only celebrate the successes of our alumnae but also provide our current students with role models and mentors who can guide them as they embark on their own professional journeys. We are deeply grateful to Dr. Elizabeth Sutton, Dr. Lisa Hallam, and Emma Palmer for sharing their time and experiences with our Year 12 students.