Ian Percival from Chester Aid to the Homeless was welcomed to the Lower School to speak to the girls about what it means to be homeless.

He certainly challenged our perception of what it means, by showing us a number of well-known faces who had found themselves without a place to call home at different points in their lives.

Stars such as Daniel Craig, of James Bond fame, who 'sofa-surfed' whilst starting out as an actor, or Jennifer Lopez, who fell out with her Mum and found herself with nowhere to live, helped the girls realise that homelessness can occur to anyone whatever background, age or gender, for any one of a number of diverse reasons.

During the day the Juniors enjoyed taking part in a series of workshops with Mr Percival and Mr Chris Goodwin, a celebrated local artist who was himself once part of the homeless community.

The girls created self-portraits in the style of Van Gogh and wrote haiku poems about how a homeless person might view themselves and the world surrounding them. They produced some wonderful, reflective verses.

Post date: 23rd April 2018