Why choose Cambridge Pre-U Art and Design?

Cambridge Pre-U Art & Design offers learners opportunities for creative exploration, development and innovation in one or more of a wide range of techniques and media such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, bookbinding, illustration, film making and photography.

It is assessed at the end of two years. which offers learners the freedom to develop maturity as an artist and/or designer and time to reflect on their work before any component is assessed, enhancing confidence, interest and enjoyment in the subject. None of the three components are time limited; work is assessed without an artificial time constraint. The course supports independent and self-directed learning, encouraging learners to think laterally, critically and creatively, and to acquire good problem-solving skills. It also promotes a comprehensive understanding of the subject through depth and rigour. Cambridge Pre-U builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills typically gained by candidates who have taken GCSE.

We recommend that candidates beginning Cambridge Pre-U Art and Design should have previously completed a GCSE qualification in Art, Design or Technology, and should be able to demonstrate their ability and commitment to further study through a suitable portfolio of work. This is not essential but you should discuss the options with the Head of Art if you have not previously studied Art.

Component 1 - Portfolio 30%

Internally assessed by Centre and externally moderated by visiting moderator.

The portfolio is an exploratory investigation stimulated by content set by the Centre, typically during the first year of the course. The focus of the assessment is the journey that the candidate has made, and not resolved outcomes.

Component 2 - Critical and Contextual Study 30%

Internally assessed by Centre and externally moderated by visiting moderator.

The critical and contextual study is a written essay of 3000–3500 words with relevant illustrations. The focus of the study is an aspect of the visual arts of interest to the candidate. The focus and title of the study may relate to work the candidate has produced for Component 1 or Component 3 but this is not a requirement.

Component 3 - Project 40%

Externally set and assessed by examiner visit to Centre. The project involves the development of a sustained piece of studio practice culminating in a fully resolved piece or body of work.

The starting point, usually a single word or phrase, for example, Interlocking, is selected so that it can be interpreted in any number of ways. The final piece or body of work can be in two and/or three dimensions, across a range of materials or media, or it can focus on a particular discipline specified in the syllabus content.

Cambridge Pre-U Art & Design is ideal preparation for university study in Art, Design and related fields. Successful Cambridge Pre-U candidates will have demonstrated the ability to explore, experiment, develop and resolve ideas appropriate to any future course of study in Art & Design.