The best possible results

Every year, Queen’s pupils achieve some of the best A-level results in the country. The school’s A* rate is excellent and our students go on to study at prestigious universities and on very competitive courses both in the UK and abroad.

However, impressive as exam data and league tables are, they are far from the whole picture. We add tangible value here at Queen’s. All Year 12 pupils are independently tested at the start of their A-level course and set predicted grades, based on their understanding of the subjects and ability to express themselves. Thanks to our tailored approach to learning, many of our pupils outperform these initially projected grades by quite some way. It is likely then that some of our top-performing pupils would not have achieved their excellent results had they studied elsewhere.

The quality of teaching is obviously essential and sometimes just being part of a hardworking, close-knit tutorial group can improve results for everyone. Teachers assist students to manage homework, projects and study to minimise undue pressure and each student is set personal goals and encouraged to work towards their own agreed targets.

The bar chart below shows the comparison of A*/A grades of Queen’s School pupils against the national average.

Source: The Joint Council for Qualifications

  % A* % A % B % C % A/A* % A*- B
2015 18.5 35 25.5 16 53.5 79
2016* 15.4 37.3 29.6 13.6 52.7 82.2
2017* 20.2 38.5 30.3 10.1 58.7 89
2018* 25.12 35.02 23.91 12.08 60.14 84.06
2019 20.47 34.9 27.52 13.76 55.37 82.89