​Holdich Society

  • When was it “bliss… to be alive”?
  • Why can't we tickle ourselves?
  • What's abstract art all about?
  • How much data are we prepared to share - and does it matter?
  • Is China going to dominate the world like the USA used to?
  • Is Maths “fun”?  Should it be?
  • Was finding out that we could use crude oil a good thing?

The Holdich Society was developed to provide a forum for academic enrichment and inspiration. External speakers are invited to attend, and members of the teaching staff also give presentations that are designed to inspire debate and challenge students to think in an interdisciplinary manner about intellectual ideas.

However, the students themselves give more than 90% of the presentations, defending their ideas and arguing their points of view before their peers in a challenging but supportive environment.

The Holdich Society is a popular way to develop girls’ critical thinking and intellectual dexterity.

Girls choose a subject in the weeks leading up to their presentation.