D of E

The Duke of Edinburgh's Awards challenging scheme is popular in Sixth Form. It is designed to help you to find added purpose in your life through your achievements and receive recognition to add to your sense of satisfaction.

There are 5 sections to the Gold award and girls can take as many of these as their own study and workload will allow:

  • Expedition section, where they plan, train and undertake a journey in wild country, spending 4 days in challenging surroundings.  Sometimes this is abroad.
  • Volunteer section, involving practical service in the community
  • Skills section, aimed at pursuing personal interests
  • Physical activity section, any sport
  • Residential project, undertaking shared activities over 5 days.

For those who have not already achieved the Bronze or Silver Awards, there is also the opportunity to enrol for these, or girls may enter directly at Gold level.

The Award must be completed by the age of 25.