Contributing to Society

Our values of learn, think contribute and care underpin everything we do as a school as we believe that it is only through helping others that we can truly know ourselves. This focus on contribution also helps to promote confidence and a wider sense of community, justice and fair play. This is particularly pertinent to Sixth Formers who have more capacity to make a difference and often feel passionate about particular causes. In can manifest itself in a number of ways; charity fundraising, links with other schools abroad, trips like Camps International which offer girls a unique insight into a country’s particular challenges and volunteering for local charities and good causes. Girls also regularly perform for the local community in festivals and concerts or at special events in the Cathedral or in local businesses.

Our Sixth Formers enjoy the sense of achievement that comes with reaching a fundraising goal, making a difference or simply making someone smile. We are very fortunate in having many members of staff who regularly undertake charity challenges; everything from summer camps building schools in Africa to charity swims and runs, which inspires our students to get involved with their own efforts.

The school sponsors the Local Hero awards which recognises local people making a difference in their community and our Mandarin Outreach worker visits local primary schools to offer them free Mandarin classes. We also offer a number of opportunities to local primary schools to extend the learning of their gifted and talented pupils.