Dress Code


  • Clothes for school should be smart and decent
  • For formal and public occasions* you must have a trouser, skirt or dress suit with a matching jacket
  • For every day you can have a free choice about what to wear (as long as it is smart and decent)
  • Please think “What does it look like?” and not “Which section of the shop is it from?”

What is smart and decent?

  • Skirts and dresses should be smart, reasonably loose fitting and of a reasonable length (i.e. more than half way to your knees)
  • Trousers should be smart and reasonably loose fitting
  • Blouses and tops should be smart, cover shoulders and be fastened properly (i.e. no unbuttoned shirts over vest tops)
  • Jumpers and cardigans should be smart and hood free
  • Outdoor coats and jackets should be reasonably formal
  • Shoes or boots should be smart and leather or leather-effect

What not to wear...

  • Short or tight fitting (e.g. body con) skirts or dresses
  • Jeans (of any colour), leggings (or trousers which look like leggings) or shorts
  • Strappy tops, tee-shirts, low cut or tight fitting blouses
  • Hoodies
  • Denim or leather jackets
  • Trainers, canvas shoes, stilettos or high heels, Uggs, or flip flops

Make-up and jewellery

  • Sixth Formers may wear discreet make-up and jewellery
  • You should not have any visible facial or body piercings except in the ears; earrings should be unobtrusive

*Formal and public occasions include: Open Morning; Prizegiving; Cathedral Services; representing the school at public events; photographs; showing visitors round; hosting events or helping at parents’ evenings and the entrance examination.