Sixth Form Dress Code

The Queen’s School Sixth form are required to wear smart business wear every day.

Smart tailored skirts, trousers or dresses are all acceptable and must be worn with a jacket.

Our extensive careers and academic enrichment programmes mean that sixth form are frequently meeting with a wide range of professionals. Not only does your smart dress set an example to the rest of the school, it also ensures you are ready for any networking opportunity.



Clothing for school should be smart, decent and reflect clothing that would realistically be expected in an office/work environment
Please think “Would I wear this to work in a smart office environment?” If not, you will be asked to change 
Students must have a tailored jacket available to wear in school
For formal and public occasions* you must have a tailored trouser, skirt or dress suit with a matching jacket


What is smart and decent?

Skirts and dresses should be smart, reasonably loose fitting and of a reasonable length (i.e. more than half way to your knees)
Trousers should be tailored, smart and reasonably loose fitting
Blouses and tops should be smart, cover shoulders and be fastened properly (i.e. no unbuttoned shirts over vest tops)
Jumpers and cardigans should be smart and hood free
Outdoor coats and jackets should be reasonably formal
Coats are not to be worn in lessons. A tailored jacket should be worn if students are cold. 
Shoes or boots should be smart and leather or leather-effect


What not to wear...

Short or tight fitting (e.g. body con) skirts or dresses
bare legs with skirts unless the skirt is long and the weather is warm
Jeans (of any colour), leggings (or trousers which look like leggings) or shorts
Strappy tops, tee-shirts, low cut or tight fitting blouses
Sweatshirts without a hood
Denim or leather jackets
Trainers, canvas shoes, stilettos or high heels, Uggs, or flip flops - including any shoes that have thick white rubber soles 
Scarfs and outdoor coats are not to be worn around the school or in lessons. Outdoor coats can be left in the common room at the start of the day.


Make-up and jewellery

Sixth Formers may wear discreet make-up and jewellery
You should not have any visible facial or body piercings except in the ears; earrings should be unobtrusive


Dress Down Wednesdays

To coincide with Quest afternoons, the dress code is slightly relaxed on Dress Down Wednesdays. Smart casual is appropriate in these days but it will not be required for student to wear a jacket or tailoring on these day. However, jeans, hoodies or trainers will not be appropriate wear on dress down Wednesdays.

Dress down Wednesday has been introduced with two important provisos.

  • Students will be asked to ‘dress up’ to the smart dress code on a Wednesday if we have an important event or visitor in school.
  • We consistently see the smart dress code being adhered to by students on the other days of the week.


*Formal and public occasions include: Open Morning; Prizegiving; Cathedral Services; representing the school at public events; photographs; showing visitors round; hosting events or helping at parents’ evenings and the entrance examination.