Our budding entrepreneurs are flying high in the ‘Tycoon in Schools’ national enterprise competition, which was founded by Peter Jones CBE, entrepreneur and star of Dragons’ Den.
We currently have four teams taking part in the competition which allows students to start and run a business whilst at school or college by giving them a start-up loan of between £50 and £1000, thereby allowing them to gain valuable hands-on experience of what is involved with running a business.

Below is more information about the make-up of the teams involved.

Team Smoothie Seasons  Smoothie Seasons

We are 7 16 year olds who are keen to learn more about the business world. Between us we all have the knowledge, skills and determination   to promote this subject to our peers. Our leader is Isobel who is extremely organised and level-headed which we feel is beneficial and vital for our team. Then we have Raabia and Pippa who excel in maths and are more than capable with dealing with the financial side of Justice. Libby and Sophie are in charge of our logo and product design as well as overseeing Anne who is in charge of marketing and advertising which plays a key role in our project. Finally our last member is Bella, who researches and communicates with our target market to achieve a product that everyone is interested in.


Our team consists of eight team members, two of which are our managing directors (Rebecca and Rebecca). We decided to have two managing directors as we have such a large group and it's important that everyone's voice is heard. Our financial director is Bella who will control spending, costs and pricing. Eleanor is our marketing director, she will design our logo and be in charge of advertising with the help of Amelia. They will also control our brand image. Emmelia is our production director therefore, she will be in charge of making sure we have produced enough products to meet demand. She will also be in control of time management. Zoe and Martha are in charge of market research and social media. As a team we believe it important to work together to help people focus on their mental health, de-stress and relax.


Our business is orientated around educating children on current issues such as embracing different ethnicities and cultures. We wanted to promote these messages in a fun, creative manner and so decided on writing, illustrating and publishing 'Our Colourful World', a children's book that aims to capture children's attention, whilst educating them on significant matters. We found that a lack of diversity in children's books is still a huge problem today, as of the 3,400 books received by the Cooperative Children's Book Centre, under 15% featured a significant character of colour. Therefore, although there are many children's books in the market, very few contain characters of colour, let alone contain educational content about culture. We believe that our product is both relevant and important for children in society today.
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We are an enthusiastic group of entrepreneurial girls, looking for a gap in the market. As a group, we hope to achieve the maximum amount of profit possible in the given time by using the correct skills and methods we have to offer.