Physical Education

Physical Education is taught throughout the school by subject specialists.

The aims of the department are:

  • To encourage enjoyment and satisfaction through physical activity
  • To reach a standard which reflects each student’s ability
  • To motivate each student to take regular exercise
  • To foster a lifelong interest in physical activity

Years 7-9 follow programmes in gymnastics, hockey, lacrosse, netball, swimming, football, badminton, tennis, athletics and rounders

Years 10 follow a programme through an options system - a competitive or non- competitive route.  The activities in each route are different depending on the individual's preference of activity.  The competitive route will include hockey, lacrosse, netball, volleyball and the non-competitive route will include activities such as badminton, fitness and handball.

Year 11 will now follow either a leisure based or competitive based programme of activities alongside Year 12 and 13 on a Wednesday afternoon.  Here there will be a large selection of activities to choose from; rowing, spinning and walking through to competitive team based activities where training and fixtures will be played in this time.

Years 12 and 13 follow the 'Quest' programme and can participate in further leisure based activities which this year which include ice skating, yoga and Pilates or alternatively they can opt for the competitive route as described in the Year 11 programme of activities.