Program or be programmed!

Computing is taught throughout the school by specialist staff. At present, the department consists of two full-time teachers. The school benefits from excellent computing facilities.

The aims of the department are:

•    To provide pupils with opportunities to develop their computing capabilities
•    To allow pupils to gain confidence and enjoyment from their computing activities and to develop skills which enhance and extend their learning
•    To develop pupils’ awareness of the use of computers in a variety of contexts both in the classroom and in everyday life
•    To develop pupils who are critical users of computers, capable of evaluating both the potential and the limitations of computers 
•    To encourage pupils to become autonomous, independent computer users, able to develop their own programs and effectively utilise existing software 

Computing is a core subject in Years 7 – 9. Years 10 and 11 may study computer science as a GCSE, and in the sixth form, computer science is offered as an A-level subject. 
Pupils learn to use a range of software programs including:

•    Scratch programming environment
•    Python programming
•    HTML programming 
•    Word processing
•    Spreadsheets
•    Databases
•    Presentation software
•    Image editing
•    Video editing
•    Drawing and animation
•    Desktop publishing
•    Web authoring
•    Audio recording and editing
•    BBC micro:bit
•    PyGame
•    Visual Studio

The girls learn how to control a computer by means of programming and they develop their knowledge of the Python language and the concepts involved in creating an efficient program.

Extracurricular activities include a computer club where girls can develop a range of software skills and explore the Raspberry Pi device, and there are a number of competitions such as the Grok Coding and Computational Thinkingcompetitions that the girls can enter to test out their skills and knowledge in a range of disciplines.