At Queen’s, girls learn to think for themselves in an academic environment where able pupils thrive. Intellectual curiosity is honed and developed in a nurturing atmosphere where girls are supported as individuals.

Safe, secure and happy, girls are confident to take on new challenges, speak their minds and pursue their own dreams.

Outstanding teaching, a rich variety of opportunities, and a peer group of like-minded girls eager to learn and improve themselves, inspire everyone to achieve their absolute best.




We challenge our pupils to aspire, work hard and achieve – we provide a stimulating environment where girls see learning and acquiring knowledge and wisdom as an exciting experience, and where they value scholarship for its own sake.



We support our pupils to develop themselves into exceptional citizens – we foster the qualities of independence, self-discipline, creativity, kindness and initiative.



We teach right from wrong and develop a sense of social responsibility – we encourage respect for others and integrity in all our pupils. A positive and successful parent-partnership lies at the heart of this as we work together to embed a strong moral code.