Responsibility for the happiness and all-round development of each child stems from an effective partnership between parents and the school. Throughout the year, parents are kept informed about school events and issues through a weekly e-newsletter, emails and letters. Copies of these and all other correspondence can be found on the School’s Firefly VLE. We like to operate an ‘open door’ policy and if parents have any worries or concerns about any aspect of their daughter’s welfare or progress we advise the following pathway of communication.

  • Form teacher – all matters
  • Head of Department – academic matters
  • Head of Year – pastoral matters
  • Heads of Key Stages - all matters
  • Deputy Head -  all matters 
  • Headmistress - all matters

A proactive approach to positive mental well-being is one that is of paramount importance to us at The Queen’s school and we are proud of the value that girls, parents and staff place on being able to raise concerns when individuals are in need and then address by putting further suitable support structures in place. All the Key Stages have a separate office with space for conversation to take place between girls and the Pastoral Team, in addition, we have a dedicated Pastoral Hub located next to the medical room.

Whilst the Pastoral Team, tutors and mentors provide the girls with superb individual support on matters of an academic nature, extra-curricular involvement and in development of the whole person, there are times when individual pupils may require a little extra help from a professional counsellor so an extended pastoral provision includes a drop-in style counselling service for girls and staff during Monday lunchtimes. Girls are able to notify their Head of Key Stage if they wish to have time with the counsellor who is well known to the school and also provides the staff with training sessions in mental health. This service is aimed at girls requiring a little extra input of support, for example if suffering a bereavement, examination anxiety or perhaps just feeling pressure for other reasons.

Occasionally it becomes clear that an individual requires greater input from a counsellor. If this is the case, the relevant member of the Pastoral Team would make contact with parents as appropriate to determine the best course of action for that individual. Contact would be through the school’s Pastoral Team and any referrals would be made from the school. Parents would be welcome to speak to Heads of Key Stage if they felt their daughter might benefit from a session with the counsellor.

A school community public health nurse from Cheshire and Wirral Partnership also offers fortnightly drop in sessions to our students.